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The Intraduce Media Presentation was developed to share a vision of the need and opportunity for autonomous vehicles.
This Intraduce-produced video explores the emerging-industry business-case opportunities surrounding autonomous, self-driving & driverless vehicles. Intraduce business-case research in this area began in 2004, and has supported over 100 commercial, academic, industry and privately-financed case-studies. (view more related information at This video was completed in February of 2010, and explores the broad commercial and business-case opportunities for driverless vehicles.
  • Six months after this video was released, Google announced their self-driving vehicle initiative.
  • Two years after this video was released, the State of Nevada passed the first US legislation regulating robot driver licenses.
  • In the space of time since these developments, the number of press-releases, news media articles, and government actions has exploded. ┬áSee this link to review the Google Trends


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