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Intraduce’s mission is to:

  • Strategically influence accelerated commercialization of self-driving vehicles, and in so doing, 
  • Enable a sustainable and incremental economic engine serving Detroit & the larger United States of America.

To Meet with Success, a Compelling Vision for Our Future is Critical
(and is something government and industry have yet to present)
We seek stakeholder enrollment in a shared vision for the future of transportation
that swiftly enables user-adoption, and drives sustainable economic, social and environmental progress.

The Great Recession has exposed our need for a shared vision. It provides a powerful reminder of the destructive capacity inherent to self-centered agendas. Should our individual, corporate, or national agenda be at odds with that of our neighbors, it will eventually prove disruptive & problematic. There are nearly an innumerable collection of unsustainable vision examples littered throughout the recorded history of civilization, all underscoring our need for sustainability.

At its core, a sustainable long-term vision will embrace the following tenents:

  • It will be inclusive, serving our personal, corporate & national agenda without being at odds with others.
  • It will empower us with sustainable economic progress.
  • It will support and enable progressive societal ideals.
  • It will yield sustainable environmental accord.

Balance: Consider navigating a balance beam or a tight-rope:

  • Imagine looking straight down while navigating the beam. With a focus that is too near, the lack of perspective makes it quite easy to fall off-balance.
  • Consider looking into the distance a bit, to the destination being sought. A broader perspective supports the short-term awareness that allows us to safely navigate the current issues, and to realize our vision. This trick is long used by gymnasts, pioneers & successful business visionaries.

Capitalism: The natural market forces influence industry competition. Responsible, sustainable systems, are not always the product of this competition, however. When commercial markets fail to engage the bigger picture vision, additional influence may be necessary. Strategic Policy can function as a powerful enabler.  Consider how legislation in the areas of health-care, environmental protection, transportation and national security have served transformational roles in our society.

Politics: When we vote politicians into office, we enable the promise of new policy. The stability of our policy, however, is influenced by political-survival, an ever-present conflict-of-interest. Political job-preservation dictates fast-results within a politician’s current term. The policy initiated during this term, must already have had positive, tangible, and measurable impact, when they bid for re-election. This requires politicians pursue an agenda certain to deliver ‘short-term’ results.

Economics: Our economic ecosystem functions on significantly longer, 5-12 year, economic cycles. These cycles are impossibly long when they are compared to the job-preservation driven application of short-term policy. In reality, because it isn’t served by our political system, there has been little clarity surrounding our long-term national economic and industry policy.

Goals: Should we ever expect to achieve our goals, it is critical to first define them. With a vision of the future, an actionable agenda becomes clear, and drives our capacity and capability for the change we seek. Intraduce has been actively working with government and industry to:

  • Outline an attractive, sustainable vision of the future,
  • Craft a strategy that supports achieving this long-term vision.

The enabling foundation is the incremental, mutually-supported growth made available when a common goal is apparent. Humanity has prospered for thousands of years as a result of such a phenomenon. It is known academically as a ‘positive feedback system.’

Agenda: To achieve our vision, it is critical to have clarity surrounding the steps necessary to get there, and the priority of actionable items. As this plan emerges, and we share the opportunity, we hope that you will share your thoughts with us. Only with the wisdom and assistance from our current and future advisors, critics, participants, and stakeholders will this vision grow to serve us all better.

Watch the Intraduce Media Presentation, to catch a glimpse of our progress. Please fill out our contact form, and join our mailing list. We look forward to sharing our on-going efforts, and working together along our journey toward a compelling future.


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